Candid Photos

Have a peek at our wonderful, wacky whippets, at home, being whippets!

Christmas is tiring!


It's MY Christmas bow

Its my toy

The kid's got me and I love it

Come here big boy

Best friends from the beginning

Friends from the beginning

I don't want the bow, I want the BONE

Enjoying xmas

Gotta keep the kitty warm

I like kitties

Friends make good pillows

Friends make good pillows

Uh oh - caught!


I wonder if they know they forgot us?

Do they know they forgot us

At this age even feet look big!

At this age even feet look big

Baby Number 1

Baby number 1

Baby Number 2

Baby number 2

Baby Number 3

Baby number 3

If you're sick, so are we!

If youre sick so are we

Whispering sweet nothings

Whispering sweet nothings

Daddy's girl

If you hide your eyes

"Pillows" are good

Pillows are good

Vacations are great!!!


What do you mean - get off?

What do you mean get off

Waiting for supper!

Brie and daddy

Is it time to go?

Summer in van

I thought it was MY bath water

Riley in tub

Look what Santa left

Summer in xmas bag


Riley with bottle

I'll let you think you're winning

Summer and tegan

I am NOT sleeping

Theyll soon be here

Me neither

Summer on blanket

Being nosy really isn't good!

Summer with head in boot

What are we looking for?

Were all waiting for spring

I'll wash the kid

Kid needs her ears cleaned

Snuggle buddies

Snuggle buddies

My furry little friend.

Baby summer and sassy

See, I AM a good girl!

Still waiting